Our Philosophy

Concebimos al arte como motor transformador de la sociedad, capaz de traspasar generaciones, fronteras, ideas y costumbres. Transformar es modificar, cambiar, buscar originalidad, innovar en lo que nos antecede y crear nuevas alternativas. Es reflejar y también impactar a otro. El artista y su obra son consecuencia del tiempo y espacio en el que habitan, reflejo sensible de su tiempo y también hacedor de nuevos paradigmas. Por ello apostamos a la experimentación para la construcción de nuevos horizontes.

In his book “After the end of Art”, Arthur Danto invites us to think about contemporary art as a pluralistic manifestation, in the sense that there are no rules either to create or to grade art. Following his premise, we set out to generate a space in which free creation, expression and reflection are a possibility; a space filled with a deep respect towards ‘otherness’. I believe that, nowadays, art is inviting us to go through this experience; given its sensitive nature and its transformative power, by experiencing art we might be able to transfer these qualities into other spheres of society. This is both my calling and the message I try to convey as Cultural Manager of Cazadores de Arte, as well as in my collective and individual artistic productions.

Viviana Romay

EL PENSADOR (“The thinker”) – in memoriam, 2012.
Viviana Romay

DESIDERIO (“Desire”), 2013.
Myriam Jawerbaum

I do not think that art can relieve famine. I do not think that art can shelter the homeless. I do not think that art can put an end to violence. I think that art, by itself, is powerless: a useless attempt at fixing our broken world. Useless because it lacks any real power – it is, after all, only a poetic battle.

Nevertheless, I also happen to believe this poetic force might be of great importance for us, that it may indeed become the restorative force that helps us transform our world beyond the limits of our finite essence.

Myriam Jawerbaum

Our Team

Viviana Romay

(Buenos Aires, 1960). Executive Team, Cazadores de Arte. Her interest in the arts began at an early age. However, she pursued a career studies in Law, and worked as an independent attorney and media consultant for 15 years.

In 2001 she quit her job and took up art lessons again, and what started as a game ended up becoming an extensive training and career in the artistic field.

She studies painting in Mirta Kupferminc´s studio, drawing and painting in Guillermo Roux´s workshop-school, and attends Edgardo Madanes and Claudia Aranovich´s workshop, where she explores sculpture in a variety of materials. She also attends workshops with Alejandra Roux, and pursues her degree in Arts Management and Curating at ESEADE.

Myriam Jawerbaum

(Buenos Aires, 1959). Executive Team, Cazadores De Arte.

She obtained a degree in Architecture at the Buenos Aires University in 1983.

Until year 2000, she developed in the field of architecture while learning in artists workshops, aquiring deeper knowledge in textile techniques.

She participates in Textile Art exhibitions, in Argentina, Spain, Italy, Ukraine and USA.

She won several awards including the National Honor Award – Textile in 2016. She obtained a grant from the National Fund for the Arts in 2011 by the project “Blanquets”. Her last solo exhibitions were “My brother´s keeper”, at CAAT headquarters, at the University of Architecture Buenos Aires UBA, and at the Atchugarry Foundation in Uruguay, 2016.

Also at Rubin Studio Gallery in Miami 2015, USA and in Hong Kong (Asia Contemporary Art Fair) 2016.

She is part of the collective art group “entresuturas” with Valeria Budasoff and Viviana Romay.