Foundation Cazadores de Arte

Our main objective is to promote the growth of contemporary art and, through an open dialogue with the different doers in the art field, to contribute to the training and development of student artists.

The main thrust of our work is to foster artistic talent by means of different workshops which are led by artists – it is our stepping stone to encourage culture and its democratization. We believe that art is one of the most powerful driving forces for social change, and this is the ideal that defines our artistic path.

To achieve our goals, we award grants for student artists, offer programmes for the analysis of artistic productions, theoretical workshops and seminars, and a seminar which seeks to promote art through an open dialogue with different social actors.

The beggining

Nuestro origen se remonta al año 2013 a partir de inquietudes artísticas de sus fundadoras, Viviana Romay y Myriam Jawerbaum, quienes intentaban darle un giro a su propio desarrollo como artistas.

Fue entonces que decidieron generar un espacio donde ambas pudieran desarrollar y producir su obra a través de un vínculo fraterno entre ellas y de respeto por la mirada del otro.

Más adelante, ese sueño inicial se transformó en Cazadores de Arte, un ámbito de formación de excelencia que construye su sólida trayectoria con el apoyo de importantes artistas de la escena argentina.

In his book “After the end of Art”, Arthur Danto invites us to think about contemporary art as a pluralistic manifestation, in the sense that there are no rules either to create or to grade art. Following his premise, we set out to generate a space in which free creation, expression and reflection are a possibility; a space filled with a deep respect towards ‘otherness’. I believe that, nowadays, art is inviting us to go through this experience; given its sensitive nature and its transformative power, by experiencing art we might be able to transfer these qualities into other spheres of society. This is both my calling and the message I try to convey as Cultural Manager of Cazadores de Arte, as well as in my collective and individual artistic productions.

Viviana Romay

I do not think that art can relieve famine. I do not think that art can shelter the homeless. I do not think that art can put an end to violence. I think that art, by itself, is powerless: a useless attempt at fixing our broken world. Useless because it lacks any real power – it is, after all, only a poetic battle.

Nevertheless, I also happen to believe this poetic force might be of great importance for us, that it may indeed become the restorative force that helps us transform our world beyond the limits of our finite essence.

Myriam Jawerbaum
Our Vision

By encouraging contemporary art practices, Cazadores the Arte seeks to become a guiding reference in the creative training of artists. We aspire to become a bridge between the different actors of the Iberoamerican artistic field, always following our guiding principle that art is a driving force for social change.

Our Mission

To create an environment of excellence for artists and people interested in the arts, and to promote the diverse manifestations of art by bringing artists and society together.

Our Aims

  1. To offer a platform for creative exploration, and to foster the training and development of student artists by exploring the multiple opportunities that the different artistic disciplines can offer, and the endless artistic possibilities that are available to artists as a result of the blending and hybridization across artistic fields.
  2. To raise public awareness and interest in contemporary art and its most modern manifestations.
  3. To generate a proper environment for the encounter of artists, people interested in the arts, and potential sponsors of artistic developments.
  4. To create a nurturing atmosphere for exchange and reflection among artists and society in general, in which the transformative power of art can be enhanced and unleashed.

Our Values

We believe that art, and our work, are a vehicle for social change, and this guiding principle is reflected in our daily undertakings:

  • Commitment to, and transparency in, our mission and the assigned resources.
  • We do what we say we will do.
  • Interdisciplinarity in each and every project we develop.
  • Our work is based on our own experiences, as well as those of senior artists.
  • We accept and value every and all artistic practices; we focus on the artistic process and the quality of each finished piece.